London: Six Month Old Kid Surprises Everyone

London: There have been a lot of surprising things that you have seen before but this little kid in London has done something which will make you forget all of your previous experiences as it did many others in London.
In London, this kid surprised people as she is just 6 months old but showed an amazing scene of playing with a big snake, probably anaconda. People especially females got shocked after watching this cute little angel playing with a deadly animal.

Usually grown up people show the courage of playing with dangerous animals but no one can expect that parents can leave their six-month old kid with a big snake.

However, it happened and people living in London and also from the around the world got shocked with this video that went viral on social media platforms. Everyone got scared at first but was surprised later on after watching this kid playing with the snake in London.National Geographic channel always try to bring amazing and most surprising things in which humans interact with most dangerous and deadly animals and people always get surprised after watching these amazing things.

But a huge majority of people usually don’t find a chance to see a little kid playing with a huge snake that can kill even grown up people within no time. But this kid was just playing and the snake also showed a friendly behavior with the kid knowing that this little angel is harmless.