Moon Split miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been called blessing and mercy for all mankind and all universes. These are the words of God in his last book Quran. This shows that our beloved Prophet enjoyed command not only this world but out of this universe as well. So when a miracle like splitting of moon is associated with him, we have no other option but to believe.
However, there are people who liked to test every claim on scale of science and technology. There is no harm in this habit as well as God has directed all mankind to use their reason. The condemn-able behavior is that these people do not accept the reality even if science proves it right.

Such is the case with this miracle of Prophet Muhammad. Science has recently proved that the moon was tore apart in two pieces thousand years back. Check out this amazing video that will force you to say Subhan Allah. However, things must not be stopped here as it is our religious duty to seek knowledge and enlighten others about the real Islam and our Prophet’s teachings.