Mubashar Luqman Exposes PIA Officials

Mubashar Luqman Exposes PIA Officials,Senior journalist and anchor person Mubashar Luqman exposed the corruption of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) officials including board of directors. PIA is state-owned enterprise of Pakistan government and these days facing massive financial losses due to bad management and political appointments on different departments.Besides the financial corruption and political appointments of unqualified persons, the scandal of Nigerian girls is haunting Pakistan International Airlines. PIA is not operating in Nigeria now-a-days and surprising the organization is hiring air hostesses from Nigeria and all these girls are victims of HIV positive.
It is very alarming situation for government of Pakistan and concern authority. Why PIA hired Nigerian girls having dangerous disease and who hired them as air hostess while the flight operation of PIA is abandoned for many years? These are the questions which Mubashar Luqman raised in his program Khara Sach.Senior journalist and host of the program exposed the corruption in Pakistan International Airlines and the involvement of few government officials in the scandal of Nigerian girls. Almost all the board of directors are involved in it and interestingly none of them have field experience of running the operation of airlines. The political appointments on key position in PIA have done a great damage to one of the most profitable organizations of country.Another major concern which Mubashar Luqman expressed in the program was on the appointment of PIA Chairman and unfortunately he has no experience of running airlines. The chairman of PIA has very close relation with government ministers and his appointment is truly political without any doubt.The hiring of diseased Nigerian girls is much worrying factor than financial corruption because the operation of PIA can be abandoned internationally and if it happens then it would be a great dent for the economy of Pakistan. The senior anchor Mubashar Luqman unveiled all the details of scandal with overt proofs and PIA officials are likely to face corruption charges in Supreme Court in coming days.TAGS: AIR HOSTESS, AIRLINES, INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES, MUBASHAR LUQMAN, NIGERIAN GIRLS, PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES, PIA, PIA CHAIRMAN, PIA OFFICIALS

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