Must Watch: Amazing creation of Allah

Must Watch: Amazing creation of Allah. The latest technological and scientific advancement has made man bit narcissist. Now human being have started believing that there is no power governing this universe rather everything is happening because of some automatic system. However, Allah shows his signs and make us realize about his powers.
Every second day, something comes to light and leave questions for scientists and researchers. Few days back, a video on embryology was posted on this very plat form and it was proved how Quran told everything 1400 years ago. Today, we have brought another shocking and amazing footage that will leave you stunned.

This footage has been provided by a maternity home staff where this miracle was recorded. Apparently, it looks a pre-mature child birth but the most amazing thing is that Allah has bestowed all the senses to this small creature. You can clearly see how tiny the baby is yet moving his arms, legs just like any other normal baby.

This mobile video left all the medical experts surprised as they all agreed that such case has never been reported in recent medical history. Though, this footage does not tell us about the life of this baby but we hope and pray that Allah keep this blessed baby in his protection. Verily, Allah holds all the powers and he can do whatever he wants.

May be it is time to revise their concepts for those who do not believe in God. However, only blessed ones get the direction to right path as Allah described others “the blindfolded, the mute and sealed hearts” in Quran.