Must watch: What happens to us in grave

Must watch: What happens to us in grave.Quran says that Allah sent man on this planet earth just to test whether he obeys or denies. Furthermore, this life has been called a transition period to an immortal one. Everyone will spend a given time period in this world and then be accountable in front of the lord almighty at judgment day.Those who did good deeds will be sent to heaven while the others will burn in hell forever. This is not the only punishment as Allah has also declared punishment in the grave as well. Here we present you an exclusive video story in which every question regarding “Azab-e-Qabar” has been answered. Watch it by yourself and repent for you sins.This video is actually a chunk from the documentary produced by Al-Ikhwan. This inspirational and informational footage leaves us thinking about the reality of this life and afterlife. We ought to question ourself about the purpose of our creation, our conduct in this world and the concept of accountability in afterlife.Though, some news portals have reported this an actual footage but we would like to share that it was a made up video with a noble purpose. The thought behind this footage was to give all the Muslims a wake up call and get them connected with their lord again. Be part of this social awareness campaign and do share this video to your near and dear ones.