Mysterious Holes Appear in Siberia

The news about the appearance of Mysterious Holes in Siberia spread in every corner of the world like a fire in the forest. The people having different faiths started to talk about the end of the world when they hear the appearance of mysterious giant holes in the wilderness of Siberia within three weeks.
An expedition of experts led by Andrei Plekhanov visited the areas and examined the 262 feet opening giant holes. They haven’t solved the mystery yet and working on few different theories to solve it. Andrei Plekhanov refused any kind of alien theory and there wasn’t any explosive tests going either.

Yamal Peninsula is area where these giant holes have been found and the researcher team reported presence of methane gas in the bottom of the holes. But it’s too early to say that the methane gas caused creating such kind of holes. Researchers with the collaboration of University of Alaska are working to find the reason behind the mysterious appearance of giant holes.

You hear water running, you hear ground falling but you never see earth creating holes like that previously, Andrei Plekhanov has said in an interview. According to him the rims of giant holes are melting and falling into the crater slowly and the holes are opening with the passage of time. It seems quite strange because it never happened before in any kind of disaster.

However, before the researchers summit the final report of their findings, it is hard to predict anything or believe on ping theory even for the experts. On the other hand, the researchers also warned that if the methane gas of the mysterious holes continue to release and reached to the field of Bovanenkovskoye then it would turn into a disaster. The village will be vanished within few minutes.