Nat Geo exclusive footage about “Humanzee” experiment

Nat Geo exclusive footage about “Humanzee” experiment.

One wonders how far these scientists will go in quest of questions unanswered. According to Islamic belief Allah is the ultimate creator and he holds all the powers regarding life and death. Humans creating humans is one of the signs told by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about the dooms day.It seems the time has come as some American scientists did a shocking experiment on human and chimpanzee DNA. It is known fact that human DNA is quite similar to chimpanzee’s and that led these scientists to this unbelievable experiment. Check out the exclusive footage of outcome.According to this report, this project was aimed to launch an army based on half man-half apes personnel. Initially, it was kept under cover and years were spent to make bonds with human and chimpanzee DNA. It is said that they were able to create a new specie.However, trouble came when these scientists were absolutely clueless about saving this “humanzee” life. They were unable to control them and ultimately this project was shut down as human and animal rights activists declared it a cruel act. Check out this video and you will know how far they have gone. Lets pray that coming days bring good things for us.