New Fighter Jet for Pakistan

New Fighter Jet for Pakistan. Pakistan’s armed forces are ranked number 7th in the words on the scale of size and quantity. but if you talk about the performance and the stability of operations, Pakistan’s armed forces are world number one without any doubt.The fact is that no other no other armed force has done so much achievements within limited resources. Despite so much threats to the state Pakistan’s armed forces have never let down their nation.They have always kept their tool up to date. The inclusion of 2 new JF- 17 Jets is a factual proof of their burning mid night oil. The JF 17 Thunder jet which is built by the contribution of the China and Pakistan is not only a mile stone in Pak China friendship but it is also a priceless investment in securing the future of the country.Pakistan which is now facing many threats internally and externally is seeking the new JF -17 jets as an extra strock of oxygen for the rainy days.