What is Pakistan- Special cut for Pakistanis

What is Pakistan- Special cut for Pakistanis.Pakistan, is not just a word or a country’s name. It’s an ideology and thats the reason it is one of the most discussed topics in last few decades.Pakistan’s geographical position in the Asia is very important. It is the land of rivers, gardens and agricultural lands. The agricultural lands are very important because the future is depending upon the agricultural goods.
Also the discovery of huge resources of coal, oil and gas in Baluchistan has made Pakistan’s position much more important. This is why the anti- state powers are in full struggle to make Baluchistan a separate state from Pakistan. They dont know that until Pak army and ISI is here, there dream will never come to reality.However, all the misery and dark days our nation is facing now a days will come to an end with a new start of prosperity.We the Pakistanis should feel proud of ourselves and we should unite now above all religious aspects that we are one nation.