Pakistani college girls fight

Pakistani college girls fight۔ No matter how expressive and fluent you are, there come such moments when words become worthless and you are remained unable to express your feelings. Such is the situation today as a video of Pakistani college girls fight has lowered the head of every sensible country mate. Watching these girls make you feel really embarrassed as they crossed every limit.
Though, the college or institute name remains unidentified but these women in uniform must die of shame. They made themselves laughing stock of social media world and brought disgrace to themselves, their parents and institute. Here we present you an exclusive footage of their shameful act. Watch it by yourself

This mobile video starts with two of the students having verbal and then physical fight. Soon it gets out of control and they started tearing each other’s clothes apart. The most disgusting and shameful thing was boys interfering in this clash and grabbing these girls from behind. Though, the spat lasted for just few minutes but the impact was not short-lived.

Some of the witnesses recorded this thunderous rumble and uploaded on facebook. Within few hours, it spread like cancer and brought sheer shame to both girls. Later, the security guards came to end this fight and separated both the savage girls. Now question arises about the standard of their college and authority of the management.

These private colleges have made education a profession and all they do is to collect heavy amounts from parents and leave the kids free. There is no concept of mentoring in these institutes. Time has come that parents should check twice before sending their kids to such institutes.