Reko Diq: 1 Trillion Dollar Resources

Reko Diq: 1 Trillion Dollar Resources.
Its sad but big news for the people of Pakistan that the resources of Reko Diq on which the country’s future was depending, are sold to a black listed anti Pakistan company. This company will hold 75% of the total while only 25% share will go to the Pakistani government which will soon transfer that money to abroad.Its is very bad news for the people of Pakistan who voted for the corrupt government. This happens when your society is uneducated and the praise the leaders that are spending billion dollars on roads and fly overs only to benefit their associate companies. This is all happening when the nation is fighting at petrol pumps in darknes with no electricity.There are babies who are losing life every day in the Sindh. A nation stuck in hunger, poverty, load shedding, lack of petrol will soon be looted by selling the billion dollar worth of resources at cheap rates.
If you are still not satisfied with the performance by Nawaz government then “sheer ban sheer”.