Which other religions predicted about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Which other religions predicted about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah says in Quran that more than hundred thousand messengers were sent to mankind. They all were given prophet-hood for certain time period and region. However, our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been declared the blessing for all mankind and worlds. The last prophet of Allah may be the last in number but he comes first in terms of respect and love.
Almost all the major religions of world predicted about the birth of last messenger and their followers were directed to submit their will to that Prophet. Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and even Buddhism gave clear hints about the arrival of our beloved Muhammad (PBUH). Here we present an exclusive video in support of our argument.

This video chunk has been taken from a famous lecture of Dr Zakir Naik. In this session, Zakir Naik proved that majority of the religions believe in Prophet-hood of Muhammad (PBUH) and their followers were advised to follow him when the time comes. He quoted many verses from Bible and Veda.

Actually, this debate started when a Hindu girl asked a question about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Upon knowing that she follows Hinduism, Dr Zakir started sharing many verses from holy book of Hinduism. The girl was so surprised and impressed that she embraced Islam right there. You must watch this inspirational video and share this post as much as you can.