Shocking call on Live morning show

Shocking call on Live morning show, If you are couch potato who likes to sit having TV remote and switch channels, you must have seen meaningless and foolish talks on Pakistani morning shows. One day they are mourning at poverty and hunger and the very next day the “Shaadi Week” starts with full protocol. No sane mind can digest this disgusting dose in the name of infotainment.
Few days back, one of these stupid morning show hosts got her lesson as a caller made her totally embarrassed in front of whole nation. She was running a segment in which beauty tips are given when a random caller got a chance to question live. He asked something that left everybody stunned. check it outThough, one cannot support this bad mannerism of the caller but the way these idiots use this platform, deserve such treatment. It seems they have not learn anything from Shaista Wahidi case as she was permanently banned for an unintentional mistake. There was a temporary phase when these morning show hosts acted wisely but it ended very soon.The trouble got double with arrival of disco Mullah Amir Liaquat in the business as he took this stupidity to new heights. Keeping their foolish approaches in mind, this video will make you laugh and hardly one will feel sorry for these morning show hosts.