Shocking and strange creature caught beneath earth

Shocking and strange creature caught beneath earth.Every second day we are amazed with some discovery and invention. The development and progress of science is keeping us constantly in state of wonder and amazed. The news story you are about to watch falls into the category of news that can be declared most influential news items. This about a strange creature found beneath the surface of earth.
According to reports, a farmer was plowing his fields when he found this human-looking strange creature. This encounter was so horrific that he fainted on spot. This creature was taken to medical and research center where they are studying whether its an animal or human. Here we bring you an exclusive footage of this creature.It is worth mentioning here that God has given hints about the possibility of life on other planets. 1400 years ago, Quranic number of skies and earth was 7. Moreover, God mentioned himself as the master of all universes so who knows if there is another human-like creatures in these universes. Scientists are sending missions to other stars and planets with the very same purpose.No matter how advance this scientific research is, somethings are really beyond our imaginations. Allah’s powers are one of those things as human mind cannot understand the level of authority our master enjoys over us. He creates what he wants and enjoys complete command over all the creatures.The anthropologists and embryologists agree upon the fact that man is a result of ages old evolution. Now this human-shaped lizard creature has opened new doors of debate. Lets see what conclusion they make out of this incident. It will be interesting if they find totally new world beneath the surface of world.