All team out for 3 runs

What is the worst nightmare for a cricket batsman? It is certainly getting out without making a single run. But what about when 10 players out of 11 get out on duck while the 11th only manage to score a single run.
This incident has happened in England where a match between Wirral cricket club and Hassington Cricket club held and Hassington Cricket club gave its opponent a target of 109 runs.

It was quite an achievable target and the same was in minds of Wirral’s players. The openers came to the crease with only one thing in mind and that was to attack and get to the target as soon as possible.However, the start went exactly opposite to what they thought. Wickets started felling and not a single over went without a wicket in it. after 9 players were down, they had just 2 runs on the board and both of them were scored on extras.

After that, the 11th player scored a single run and gave strike to the other batsman who followed what others did earlier and gave the wicket to the opponents setting the record for the lowest score in the history of club cricket.