Tragedy Teaching a Lesson to Girls

Tragedy Teaching a Lesson to Girls. Never take a tragedy as whole life because it teaches great lesson and if people do not learn from their mistakes then it will ruin the life. Girls should be more careful in dealing affairs of life and must learn from the tragedy that happens to girl around their surroundings. It becomes harder for a girl to get out from unwanted circumstances.
Many clever and cruel people always look to search innocent girls for their personal greed and try to trap them in different ways. These kinds of people hunt the girls in disguised manner and most of the times they get success. Trusting on strangers and making relationship with them ensure their success.

If you are not ready to learn a lesson from any tragedy then it enlightens the chances of another tragedy in near future and an innocent girl became a victim of a cruel man due to her negligence few weeks ago. The girl fell into love with the clever man and that was the trap made by him for innocent girl.

One day the girl received a call from wrong number and she started conversation without knowing the purpose of wrong caller. The wrong caller got the trust of girl in the first conversation and then both started to make long conversations every day. The girl did not realized at any stage that the man was exploiting her feelings and it could bring disaster for her in coming days.

The wrong caller sent a picture of a handsome guy to girl but actually he was not the man in picture. He enforced the girl for court marriage because the parents of the girl might not give permission to marry with that wrong caller. In the start the girl was reluctant to deceive her parents but the blind love enforce her to run away from home to start a new life with the man.

The girl took the wrong step of running with that man and when she saw the wrong caller, it was too late for her to return for home. The man didn’t marry with the girl at all and used her for physical satisfaction. The wrong caller also tortured her when she protested on the rude behavior of the man.

Somehow, the girl got success to reach police station and registered a complaint against her fake husband. Now the wrong caller is behind the bars facing inquiry on deceiving the girl. The blind love of the girl turned into a tragedy and the tragedy is a lesson for all the girls.