USA: Hilarious Situation During Press Conference

USA: There have been many occasions where people create or become a cause of some hilarious situation that provides laughter to everyone. But you may have never encountered such a situation in which the former US Presiden Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton became a reason of laughter.
n USA, people usually expect a formal environment in press conferences especially when the highly prestigious designation holders like President of USA address the audience. The audience also shows discipline during the course of speech.

It was a similar press meet but Hillary Clinton took a balloon and tried to put air in it with her mouth creating a funny situation for everyone attending that meet. The act was so spontaneous that it looked like a planned thing.

When Hillary started putting air in the balloon, it went beyond the capacity of the balloon and it got burst. The sound of this funny explosion worked like a severe attack or some sort of explosion and it made Bill think something alarming.

Bill Clinton jumped into his right side from the stage and his security team covered him from all sides by jumping on or around him. Suddenly Hillary started laughing right away on this situation as she was the reason of this hilarious situation.

The laughter of Hillary was so loud that everyone in that press enjoyed this funny situation that, at first, created something alarming for Bill who immediately jumped into his right side to avoid any sort of disapproving situation.