VIP Saloons Looting Innocent People

VIP Saloons Looting Innocent People.Every person dreams about getting VIP protocol and that’s why people visit VIP saloons to have stylish haircut. Usually elite class visits these kinds of saloons as they get high class protocol and treatment there. It always impresses lower and middle classes and sometimes people of middle class feel complexes.In order to have VIP protocol people from middle classes wish to visit VIP saloons and somehow they manage money to pay the dues of these saloons. The desire of visiting these saloons backfires sometimes and the dream breaks on the spot because they loot the innocent people and don’t provide good services.
VIP protocol suits only to elite class, government officials and leaders of political parties because they are part of status quo and they have developed such environment over the years. Their domain is made for elite class only not for lower class or middle class and therefore money is a big problem for them.Another tactic which is used to attract people to these costly saloons is the hiring of beautiful and young girls. Men visit those saloons frequently where girls are doing services for haircut and this tactic is working quite well for owners of saloons to loot public. It is natural instinct of men attracting towards beautiful girls and saloons are exploiting it.The rates of VIP saloons are very high in fact abnormal but no one dares to ask them on charging excessively because the owners have developed great PR with elite class over the years. That’s the reason why they don’t fear of any kind of inquiry on charging high rates.The tax return of these VIP saloons is also very bad and most of them didn’t pay any kind of tax to governments. So, the business of VIP saloons is considered the best now-a-days and they are looting innocent people without facing any problem.