Wedding Delayed Due To Petrol

Wedding Delayed Due To Petrol.The petrol supply is effected all over the Pakistan. Its the 9th day today with no petrol available at the petrol pumps. The whole life is affected due to the shortage of petrol. People who were about to get marry at this time are also facing an uncertain situation.The wedding that was about to get start at 8 PM got delayed and there were no guests at reception. The bride and the groom were only present at the scene. With only a few family members, the wedding was done. Only a few guests that succeed to get some petrol at right time succeeded to reach the venue.This is a funny situation but the other side of the story is very sad. The wedding events were supposed to be full of happiness and fun. This fun and happiness is because of the coming friends and family. But if they fail to reach on time then the event also gets effected.