Isis reality on ground as “Shia Sunni working together” against Kurds : Fact!

Isis reality on ground as “Shia Sunni working together” against Kurds: Fact!

This is the reality of the news from Jewish website. It only goes to show where the ground reality it hasn’t changed since Saddam Hussein forces were in control. What Saddam Hussein’s accomplished in triangle of power between 3 major groups.

We see the same result in Mosul even after repeated attacks of Coalition. See the issues with putting boots in ground is fighting another major war by coalition & this time on both side heavy losses. So there is fortified Isis troops coming in plus the hidden million ghost troops somewhere.

No one wants to fight the hidden million man army of Saddam transformed into civilians to be defeated or its getting way entrenched with support from right wing to left. See the issues with Saudi backed assistance to Kuwait & Qatar namely heavy sponsors to even Iran with major say! There are also reports Isreal is also providing assistance for its own sovereignty at stake in one way to another which is a good thing for Arab Israeli relationship in long run.