No discussion on blood money, says Salmaan Taseer’s family

No discussion on blood money, says Salmaan Taseer’s family

In response to blood money offered by religious parties to the Taseer family, eldest son, Shaan Taseer, said on Tuesday that there will be no negotiations on the matter.
“There shall be no discussion on the topic of blood money with me or any member of my family,” Shaan said in a statement.

He further requested any parties to withhold any such offers which would “be taken as an affront to the memory of my father.”
Shaan welcomed the offers of a ‘healthy debate’ on the assumption that talks will focus on the Blasphemy law and not blood money.

The released statement by the family has made its way to social media, with several people Tweeting a copy of the statement.

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The blood money was offered after IHC on Monday rejected Qadri’s appeal against conviction and upheld his death penalty but struck out a terrorism conviction, according to Economic Times.

On Tuesday, leaders of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan (JUP), the Jamaat Ahle Sunnat, the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek and the Pakistan Sunni Alliance offered blood money to his family.
“We are ready to pay much more Khoonbaha (blood money) to the family of Salmaan Taseer (for Qadri’s release),” said Shabbir Abu Talib of the JUP.

To support his beliefs, Talib cited the case of Raymond Allen Davis, who was accused of being a CIA contractor and charged with killing two Pakistanis in a busy Lahore street in January 2011. Davis who was released by a Lahore sessions court after paying Rs200 million as ‘blood money’ to the legal heirs of the deceased.
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According to Islamic jurisprudence, a killer can be pardoned by the legal heirs of the victim with or without taking blood money.
Earlier, the legal heirs of Salmaan Taseer had filed an application before the IHC requesting it to reject Qadri’s murder appeal.

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Qadri has been hailed as a hero by many conservatives eager to drown out any calls to soften blasphemy legislation. The killing highlighted a growing gulf between conservatives and more liberal elements in society.
At his original trial, Qadri was showered with rose petals by some lawyers. His current appeal team features two judges, including the former chief justice of Lahore High Court.

The judge who convicted Qadri was forced to flee the country after death threats.