Thumbs down Pathetic Post (Pakistan Post)

Thumbs down Pathetic Post (Pakistan Post)

Today, I am super frustrated at the PATHETIC services of our sarkari chors known as Pakistan Post Office. No wonder people increasingly rely on expensive private services like TCS/Leopard etc etc

1) I NEVER get ANY parcels from abroad which are NOT registered! A client even sent proof that he has send the parcel (pictures) but I never got it in Pakistan. My post man is a VERY nice guy and told me that PLEASE NEVER ask for normal parcels, ALWAYS get registered parcels as there are theives in Islamabad who steal ANY parcel without tracking number!

2) Even If there is a tracking number, the parcels are usually super late and sometimes even then I don’t get them. Two examples.
(i) I ordered something (computer mouse) on 9th July 2014. Tracking number WD013818419CN. Needless to say, still not recieved. I went to the post office and they said we can’t track these tracking numbers. We can only track the ones starting with R****. The website used to track this stated that it reached Pakistan in August 2014.
(ii) A more recent one. Tracking number RF299864115SG. Sent in Dec 2014. Even Pak Post website states that it was IN KARACHI on 15th December 2014. Needless to say, no sign yet. Oh and the fun begins..

I tried calling the numbers on the website. The UAN (111 111 117) has been disconnected and the PTCL ISB phone doesnt go through.. Aunty says “All lines are busy”

Then I email ALL emails on the contact us page.. HALF of them bounced back! But I did get one reply from [email protected] telling me to FILL a form here: EMTTS – Express Mail Track & Trace System

I tried, using firefox, chrome and even the old Internet Explorer! The FORM doesnt work. Nothing happens when I click SUMBIT. I tried different data. Nada.. Tried Preview.. still nothing. I emailed again telling them IT is NOT working and just tell me when I will get my parcel.. I get same email again.

I email back saying I HAVE TRIED, IT IS NOT working…Then I get an email saying “it is working on our end!”I then take a screenshot of my form and send it… Guess what? I get an email saying FILL OUT THE COMPLAINT FORM ON THE SAME LINK!! Thick heads dont get it!!

I emailed again saying I have GIVEN you ALL y info, IF IT IS WORKING ON YOUR END, YOU REGISTER A COMPLAIN FOR ME. Still haven’t gotten any response!!

What can I do? Can I take them to court? Any other measures? (I have all the correspondence saved.. but tracking number will become useless in 6 months..)