Co-Workers start defending Saba Qamar for her Leaked Pics

Co-Workers start defending Saba Qamar for her Leaked Pics : Saba Qamar Pakistani renown Actress who is not only famous for her extreme talent in Pakistan but also have conquered the hearts of audience and critics in India as well . She is known for her unique get ups and mimicries. She has a potential to play any role with perfect. She has given many surprises with his performance both in dramas and movies.
This time she is on spotlight now for her acts but a controversy caught her. Someone has captured her in a very transparent dress that exposes her assets clearly. She is also holding a cigarette in her hand that amplifies vulgarity in his figure. The news and the pictures spread like a wildfire and people started bashing on her this kind of surprising act. Although it was seen floating this was done without her consent but the fans and spectators do not look believing on it . She is under strong criticism.
In the mean time, most of her colleagues jumped into the situation and start defending her. Ajaz Aslam , Osman Khalid and other female actress were seen arguing in favor of her. They were of the view that this is her personal matter . She did not leaked pictures deliberately. Someone who did this must ashamed of this kind of act and face accountability as well . They we found saying she was just changing dress for photo shoot when someone captured images unknowingly.