Dollar rate in Pakistan today. Dollar rate as compared PKR

Dollar rate in Pakistan today. Dollar rate as compared PKR : When a country is run without proper economic planning things will happen same which Pakistan is facing now a days. The recent governments did not focus on building economic structures rather they went for unnecessary projects and programs. This led to the increase in loans and destroyed country’s growth in all important sectors. Thus rupee has lost its worth more rapidly than ever.
The dollar is increasing with passing days. Everyboday in Pakistan can be seen asking a question where will stop ruppee losting its worth. Noboday has anwer to this question . The economic policy that declined exports and foreign investment in the country and expedite importing things without any objective is the root casue of the current situation . People are declaring Ihaq Dar – ex finincial minister for all this kind of mess. The country was brought to this stage owing to the agenda set by IMF and external funding agencies . The next government will also have to pay for the deeds of the former .
Most of the defense analyst are of the view that the current decline of the rupee against dollar has put country’s defense and integrity on stack. Alongwith Caretaker governemt , the institutions are also taking this situation as an alarming emblem for the country.
If we look at the dollar rate , it is almost constantly spiking everyday . Ruppee is losing its value . In open market , the dollar rate is now 128 ruppees . The dollar rose to Rs 6 in interbank market while it is Rs 4 in the opene market. This is an alarming situation . This will effect export rates , inflation and high pricing in the country . Situation will go to which extent time will definetly tell the story .