Dollar Starting Losing Hike and Reduces to 7 Rupees after PTI Victory

Dollar starting losing hike and reduces to 7 Rupees after PTI Victory : PML N government was in trouble before elections. There was a political vagueness. The investors were cynical and pulled their investments. The dollars was continuously mounting. The rupee was losing its worth with speedy pace.  It reached 130 rupees which is highest in the history.

Recently PTI got majority in the elections 2018. Imran Khan in his victory speech pledged a noteworthy economic agenda. Asad Umar, on the other hand, also clearing up in media how PTI will rotate economic wheel to do away with poverty and to appeal foreign investors?

The international monitory organizations showed their buoyancy and contentment on the fair election process.  The political and economic uncertainty has wrecked. Like people of Pakistan, international community and investors seem satisfied with the vision of Imran khan.  All the factors on the whole made it possible to fall the dollar’s worth and it reached 120 rupees after losing its worth of 7 rupees. This is also a historic refurbishment of rupees worth.