Greek fire takes lives of 50 and several injured

Greek fire takes lives of 50 and several injured : Wildfire is a big challenge in Greek now days. At least 50 persons lost their lives and hundreds injured due to heavy wildfire. The blaze was so strong that it burnt houses and cars in no time. People were found dead and injured near coastal area. It mostly happens in summer in Europeans countries. In hot weather numerous deadly such kinds of incidents recorded.
Authorities are trying their best to rescue people. They have evacuated thousands of people to safe places. The inhabitants on several areas are living in a miserable life. The weather is also not favorable. There is dry weather from many days and rain is still not expected.
Greek has requested US to use drone technology in searching people and investigating the event. The European Union is also called on the help out Greek on this tragic situation. Police and rescue teams are toiling hard to tackle blazes and are moving inhabitants to safe places. The government and ministries offices are closed due to the searing heat.