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kala Bagh Dam News : There was a time when wars were faught to capture land. Muslims were dominant due to their spiritual spirits and honesty. The true pious Muslim leaders spread the flags of Islam . Now with goals are objectives , the war tactics themselves have been transformed . Now wars will be faught for water. International powers are executing their plan but we are sleeping. America, Israel and India have embarked on a terrible battle on Pakistan . Pakistan will left with no water until 2025 . our traitors and self centered rulers remained constant and all of our resources put on unnecessary projects . Country has been immersed in debt and they ruined education, health and justice systems.

The situation was devastating to the extent that Pakistan’s sinsere tigers like Army and Judiciary had to come into the field . Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has taken notice on the Kalabagh Dam . Chief Justice said that besides making a dam, we do not have any other options. We have already faced plenty of damages. The name of the new dam will be Pakistan Dam . It will generate 50,000 megawatt power . China’s one dam produces 30,000 megawatts of electricity. India has constructed 4500 dams . Sindh gets 70% water from Tarbela dam, while Balochistanis gets 6 and Punjab 20 percent of water. Chief Justice has asked that Pakistanis can not survive without dams.

Justice Saqib Nisar said the new dam’s name will be Pakistan Dam . The formation of a dam will benefit all four provinces . Seminars and programs should be arranged in favor of dams. We have left no option other than building dams in Pakistan, said Chief Justice Saqib Nisar. WAPDA ex chairman told the court that loss of 196 billion have been incured for not building Kalabagh Dam . Electricity that is produced by oil is much expensive than dydral power. the Chief Justice has remarked that the Shams-ul-Mulk Dam has to be built. We have two ways ahead , whether we save our interest or the interest of the nation . The quality of drinking water in Sindh is very pathetic. We need solutions to make Pakistan Dam and we should have the dignitaries . Chief Justice Saqib Nisar also inquired that who is responsible for not making it ? We have seen PPP and PML N are on political power from last 10 years. Chief Justice said, “Give us a team to make a dam . I will put this team in a room unless the problem is resolved. I will not let go out of the room . To make me a dam such a team should be honest . After that, we hope to move towards the kala Bagh Dam.