Live with Dr.Shahid Masood 11 July 2018, Pakistani Talk Shows

Live with Dr.Shahid Masood 11 July 2018 is the leading talk show of Pakistani Televisions channels . In live with shahid masood latest today , he has lot of things to discuss about pakistani news events . Dr shahid masood with his latest programs is there to talk about to audience about Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz . Dr shahid is of the view that Nawaz sharif and his daugheter will never be able to visit pakistan . They might cancel their visit . Dr shahid masood thinks nawaz sharif does not have the dare equal to Benazir Bhutto not the zeal similar to Imran .
In Live with Dr.Shahid Masood 11 July 2018 , Dr shahid Masood discusses about the cruel accountability that Asif Ali Zardari and his sister going to face . He called them badmashiya and is sure about a fair but a very hard accountability system . Dr shahid in his latest Pakistani talk show is quite contented in saying that Zardari will also be in jail before coming elections .
Live with Dr.Shahid Masood 11 July 2018 is quite interesting as Dr shahid sheds light on Peshawar attack of 11 July 2018 in which Haroon Bilour son of Bashir Bilour got assasinated . Dr shahid analyzed the causes and consequences of the deadly event . Dr shahid in his latest programs live with shahid masood has doubt for coming elections. He thinks it is not obivious the election will be conducted . Dr shahid thinks there are lot of things that must be settled before going into the Election .

The program Live with dr shahid 11th July 2018 is very significant for the student of politics . It covers prominent aspects of national and international political and strategic scenarios. Dr shahid elaborates and links regional players with ongoing events . He advises Pakistan people to keep their eyes and ears open as the things that are actually happening are hidden. One needs to ponder and observe closely to understand the greater games . The below video will help to analyze and understand whole scenario.