Live with Dr.Shahid Masood 12th July 2018, Pakistani Talk Shows

In Live with Dr.Shahid Masood 12th July 2018 a Pakistani Talk Show, Dr. Shahid masoon disuses mainly on the Nawaz Sharif’s arrival in Pakistan. In latest live with Dr. Shahid Masood , Dr Shahid claims Nawaz sharif is forced to return to country as he has no other option left. Nawaz sharif is trying to become Erdogan which is a betrayal for himself and party as well. Erdgogan has managed to deliver for his country and public that’s why living in the heart of the nation while Nawaz sharif has looted and plundered resources of the nation.
In Live with Dr, Shahid Masood latest today, Dr. Shahid masood raised a valid question why children of Nawaz sharif and other Sharif family are not coming on raods for agitations while they urge other poor people children to scarify for nothing. He said the time is up for sharif family and this is an accountability from Allah.

Dr Shahid Masood adressed the recent law and order situation . He is of the view that international powers have started a dirty game of destabilizing other countries like Iraq , Libya , Syria and Yamen. Dr shahid got emotional in saying why human right voilations are not being witnessed all across Kashmir and Paletine.

In Live with Dr shahid Masood todys program, Shaid masood stresses on the factors that reflecting that Pakistan is heading towards a fair and sensible accountability. No institutions like Army and Judiciary are involving in any kind of politics . They are doing their constitutional work. They are going exceptional . These are the badmashiya who are compeled to politicize everything that exposes their evil deeds.

Live with Shaid Masood 12 June 2018 was significant in the sense that it covers all aspects of coming elections . Dr shahid thinks PTI is the only party that is well prepared for election 2018 in Pakistan . It is showing its presense all over the country from Sindh to KPK. PTI is gaining popularity and folowing in Punjab as well which is a signal that it might come in power after election. Live with Shahid masood 12 June program was concluded with best wishes for everybody .