Live with Dr. Shahid Masood 17th July 2018, Pakistani Talk Shows

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood 17th July 2018 : Dr Shahid Latest program of July 17 2018 main focuses on Pakistan economy . He says Pakistan economy is drwning fastly . The corruption of PML N and Ishaq Dar Self Centered agenda has brought us to this verge of economical disaster . Pakistani Ruppe is losing its worth in comparision with dollar . People of Pakistan are suffering heavily with this Situation . In live with Dr Shahid Masood 17 July 2018 , Dr Shahid feels sad in saying a person who owns 100 ruppes now with the grace of Ishaq dar pathetic policies has only 70 .
Dr. Shahid Masood in his latest programs explains the condition of Nawaz sharif in jail. Dr shahid says those who were claiming that Nawaz was coming to become a lion like leader is now weaping in his appeal . It was absurd to compare Nawaz Sharif with Nelson Mendela .
Live with Dr Shahid 17 July higlights the war Pakistan facing from foreign agencies . He called this a proxy war . Shaid masood feels better in observing that Iran Army chief has visited right time. It means in the greater game of Israel, US and India , Iran is supporting Pakistan.
Dr shahid Claims in Live with Shahid Masood 17 July 2018 that the difficult situation pakistan is facing will continue after elections as well. Dr shahid urges Pakistan authorities to take action against those who are throwing Pakistan in a Hostile state. Dr shahid thinks Pakistan is heading towards right path . Institions are removing filth from Pakistan without any discimination . The parties who are losing public support have not started slogans of rigging before elections . Public is now well awared owing to PTI and imran khan’s sruggle . The credit goes to him.