Who will Form Government in Punjb? PTI or PML N?

Who will Form Government in Punjb? PTI or PML N? : The election’s hustle and bustle came to an end. The parties tally and positions started to shift from ambiguity to lucidity. Political strategies and ventures are on the cusp. PML N and PTI are putting their full efforts to form their governments by negotiating with likeminded parties. PTI is ahead in the pursuit. Majority of the independents are joining PTI.
PTI has an edge in the form of PML Q. PML Q rejected the PML N offer for alliance in the formation of government. In a meeting, PML Q decided to go with PTI. They thought PML N has always been working for their own motives. They are extremely pragmatics. PML Q’s delegation met Imran Khan and finalized the matters and reached on as consensus.
PML N has 129 seats in Punjab. They are in trouble in finding alliances. MMA and other parties have least seats in assembly so their efforts would end in vain. PTI on the other hand reached to the figure of 135 and many more pledged their support.
PTI will be able not only to form government in Punjab but also will manage to elect their CM too. The PML N Q likely to take key positions in the center and in Punjab.