Woman sent Jail for Hugging a Pop Star in Saudi Arabia

Woman sent Jail for Hugging a Pop Star in Saudi Arabia: After when Muhammad Salman has took control of Saudi Arabia , Saudi Arabia has made various changes in his internal policies . Saudi Arabia to leading towards modernization They are endeavoring to wipe our radicalized face forever. The are different goals and obective of Muhammad Bin Salaman for this rapid shift in the mind set of the state. One reason may be to amuse western powers and to save his rein for coming decades. Seond, it could be a stratetegy to get themselves save from Trump rage for the radicalized muslims states .
There could be any reason but Saudi Arabia is now trying to be a moderate Muslim state . Saudi Arabia has allowed driving for women . It has also allowed Concert , cinemas and casinos in the country. Hundreds and thousands are youth can be seen availing these kind of relaxations. Even a remarkable number of girls can been seen in concerts and cinemas.
A very unusual and astonishing event took place in Saudi Arabia . An Iraqi Pop star Majid al-Muhandis was performing in a Saudi Arabia concert. Majid al-Muhandis is very popular in gulf for his love songs. All of a sudden a young lady who was cover in Burqa came on stage and hugged pop star. This was a rare and unusual event . The authorities and media in Saudi Arabia took it as strange act . Now it is confirmed that the authorities has searched and detained the lady . She had been arrested for the violation of Saudi Arabia laws. She was arrested on Friday. She was fined up to 100,000 and 2 years jail.