Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa Retirement or extension? Who will be NextArmy Chief?

Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa Retirement or extension? Who will be NextArmy Chief?

The retirement date of Army Chief Qamar Javed bajwa is 29 November 2019. Army Chief in Pakistan hold their designations for 3 years. Qamar javed Bajwa was appointed by former Prime Minister Nawz Sharif . Qamar javed Bjwa have spent almost one year in tenure of Prime minster Imran Khan.

There are rumors that Prime Minister Imran Khan will extend the service of Gen Javed Qamar bajwa for more three years . PML N and PPP circles consider Gen Javed Qamar Bajwa as a person that has soft corner for Imran Khan. They even think that Gen Bajwa helped in the victory of Imran Khan in Elections. They deem Gen Javed Qamar Bajwa will accept the invitation of extension.

In fact, Gen javed Qamar bajwa is a man who believes in the continuation of democracy and merit. He has already announced prior that we will retire on time and will not accept any extension. He remarked that all upcoming generals are as capable and dignified.

Actually, the tenure of gen Bajwa has remained tremendous. People of Pakistan see it as a glorious period . Gen Bajwa did not interfere in the affairs of the democracy. Notwithstanding, people saw accountability of corrupt rulers . This is unprecedented . The events of terror also got down during this period. People of Pakistan also want to see Bajwa continuing his services .

The matter of the fact is that Gen Javed Qamar Bajwa will be retired on 29 November alomgwith Joint Chief of Staff Gen Zubair Hayat. Gen Bajwa believes on merit and he will not accept extension . Imran Khan will definitely be in favor of Gen Bajwa’s continuation of service for at least for one year.