Black Holes in Urdu – Surah Najam Black Hole And Quran

Black Holes in Urdu - Surah Najam Black Hole And Quran - Soch News TV

Soch News Tv presents Video about Black Holes in Urdu. Surah Najam Black Hole And Quran. Scientists were able to capture the picture of Black hole. This is known as the greatest discovery of humans yet. Black Hole picture will tell us many things about creation of Universe and will clear so many questions.

The discovery of Black hole is the scientific sanctity of Waqia e Miraj. In Miraj. Hazrat Muhammad SAW went to Miraj. In sureh Najam the same Black Hole is mentioned. The new scientific discoveries are proving scientifically Islamic teachings. When humans are getting more learnt, the hudden truth are Islam are unfolding. The Einstein was also impressed from Waqia Miraj and was of the view that it is a true event according to his research and theories .

The discovery of black and the visualization va telescopes is a significant milestone. In the above video , we have analyzed this event and correlated it with teachings of Islam and Quran. People in western world are embracing Islam when they come across new discoveries and inventions.