Islamic Presidential System – Islami Sadarti Nizam Kiya Hai

Islamic Presidential System – Islami Sadarti Nizam Kiya Hai
Islamic Presidential System - Islami Sadarti Nizam Kiya Hai

Pakistan is now moving towards Presidential system. Current parliamentarian system will be replaced and new system will be brought in place. This is the Islamic Presidential system. The people as well as decision makers of the sate are fed up from current system. It has lot of flaws that stops the country excelling in economy and social reforms.

There is a massive support on social media for Islamic presidentials system. Public is arguing in favor of new presidential sysyem. It is said that the current government will try to do a constitutional amendment . If it succeeds then will enforce the system at once. In case of failure from parliament, government will submit a petition in Supreme Court. Supreme court will form a larger bench and will look into the matter. A referendum will be conducted throughout the country and then decided according to response of nation.

Presidential system is well suited for Pakistan. it is more consensus oriented. It is very easy for nation to select a person who is capable and sincere. It does not need for him to first get selected from 300 members of parliament. He will be directly accountable. He can pick professional and persons with utmost expertise in the particular specified field. These people will have the ability to diagnose the issues properly and will chalk out plans to eradicate the root causes.

The country who are leading the world have presidential form of government. Mostly the countries with poor economy and social system are having parliamentarian system. They are slavery in nature and are addicted to loans from international powers. In this model, the internal rift and destabilization is easier. It has vivid vulnerabilities. Persons with foreign agenda can be planted easily in parliament on the basis of black and evil money.

It is dire need for Pakistan to adopt Islamic presidential form of government . It will have double significance. Islamic values and presidential form of governments bones will combine together. When will this model be implemented in Pakistan? It will tell the time . According to the prediction of political experts , it is not long when people will see presidential form of government in Pakistan.