USA Vs Iran: America ka Iran per Hamla – Asal Nishana Kon hai

USA Vs Iran: America ka Iran per Hamla – Asal Nishana Kon hai
USA Vs Iran: America ka Iran per Hamla - Asal Nishana Kon hai

People all over the world are very curious to know about the conflict of USA and Iran. Is USA going to attack Iran or things will die down wth the passing time. At moment, it seems US and Iran are standing on the front of a war. Iran vs USA tension 2019 is the most debatable topic on world scenarios.

USA has imposed serious sanctions on Iran after rolling out nuclear deal with Iran. USA has placed its Abraham Lincoln War fleet on Bay of Hormuz . It has moved plenty of its B 52 bomber jets on airbases located on Qatar, UAE and other Arab states. It has also been stated that nearly one lac armed personals will be deployed near Persian to counter any kind of insurgency from Iran.
On the other hand, Iran has stated military exercises and alerted its army . Iran is deploying its short range missiles near the borders. It has been stated by Iran that they are long prepared for this kind of deterrence from USA. They underscored that they will go to any extent to sell its oil and will respond militarily if it is contained by any means.
When it comes to the allies of USA , the Israel and India are closely standing with US having strategic relations on both defense and trade fronts. US is very close to Israel from the beginning but from the day Modi has got the reign, their is a extreme warmth between USA and Indian relations. Saudi Arabia is also urging USA to do a surgical strike against Iran. Saudi Arabia will not spare any chance of targeting Iran .

Russia , Pakistan and China have been also supportive to Iran. Russia is a strategic partner of Iran. It is a war ally of Iran in Syria and middle east. Russia has deep trade relations with Iran from a protracted time period. Pakistan is not only a neighbor of Iran but it has cordial relations from history. Pakistan is the country who is standing with Iran in difficult times. Notwithstanding a close friend of Saudi Arabia , Pakistan has clear tilt towards Iran. It helped Iran in Iran-Iraq war. Iran also helped Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 wars.

China has warned US to remain away from destabilizing Iran. china is enjoying oil and gas from Iran on a very reasonable prices. China announced that China will keep trading with Iran disrespecting US sanctions on Iran. This is first time when China has taken an aggressive stance against US for any country. It is obvious China will jumped into the wan field in case of conflict gets worsen between Iran and USA.

In the end , it is in the favor of every country if peace prevails all over the world. International powers should avoid derailing economies of developing countries. The issues must be unraveled with dialogue. War has been always a counter-productive.