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Financial Luck, Urdu Story, Hindi Story 2019, Inspirational Waqia

This is an inspirational story about financial luck. It tells how a person struggled in his life but was in continuous trouble. All of a sudden something good happens and it turns his luck and he got everything which he needed. This story boot the energies of kids and young man to work hard and keep hopes high. This is a story of a person who brought up in a tough environment. He had to study and work together. Then he went United kingdom for job. He used to work in a restaurant from morning to evening. At night he went for his college classes. He was trying to build his career. His was working hard but was not hopeful for his future as he was receiving very least wages. One day he went to a Bar on weekends and caught a controversy. He was arrested police and sent him jail. He was innocent but all proofs were against him. He had tried to save a girl who came under firing. The police thought him the real man.

He sent few months in jail. It was his last hearing. He was quite sure for punishment from court as everything was going against him. Luckily, on that day the judge which was hearing his case did not come. He was on leave from today so a female judge was there. The lady judged asked him from where he belonged. He said he was from Pakistan. This was shocking for the judge. She asked whether he knew a Pakistani taxi driver who returned a huge amount of the judge. This amount was collected by the lady judge for the treatment of his father who was ill with cancer. The father passed away before his treatment and she spent whole amount to get her educated in law. Thus she was a judge now. The judged was very impressed from the driver so she raised the questions that were favoring him. He won his case and got a huge amount as well. He started a business with this amount and now he is billionaire. For full details of the story don’t forget to watch the video above.