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The king and loyal minister – Urdu inspirational Story

There was a king. He was very strict. He had a minister who was very loyal to him and was serving from ten years. King had a bad custom. He used to throw people in front of hungry dogs who made a mistake. The dogs tore up the people and used to eat them. Once the king’s most loyal minister did the same mistake. The king gathered people and ordered to throw the minister before hungry dogs. The minister was very wise. He told the king to allow him to fulfill his one wish as he had served the king for ten years. The king asked him to share his wish. The minister told the king that in return of his ten years service, he would be allowed to take care of dogs for ten years before throwing. The king accepted. The minister went to the servants of dogs and asked them to give him the charged. The servants got astonished and handed over the charge. The minster took care of the dogs. He gave good food, took bath and treated them kindly.
Finally the day came when the minister was to throw infront of dogs. The moment when minister was thrown into the cage, the king was surprised to see the dogs licking hands of minister instead of tearing him up. He called the minister and asked for the reason why dog are not eating instead of very hungry. The minister told the king that I served you ten years but you threw me on a mistake but when I served dogs ten days they are acknowledging my services. The king worried at his disloyalty and he pardoned the minister.