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Unity among brothers impacted on the success of their business

This is the story of two brothers who were living happily in a village. They helped each others in every need of time and share their farming equipment. Their Businesses were flourishing and their income was going up. They had sincerity among each others. Their wives and children were also living a life of cooperation. Once they had minor differences and disconnected their relations. They now did not want to see the faces of each others. The younger brother flowed a canal and separated the lands. On seeing this, the elder brother also got angry. He called for a carpenter and asked him to built a high wall in between them. The carpenter gathered his coworkers and tools and told the elder brother to go and take some rest. The carpenter said that he knew his work and would do it better. The elder brother went to sleep. Next morning, he was astonished to see a bridge on the canal instead of a high wall. He stood on on edge of the bridge. Suddenly he saw his younger brother on the other end. His heart started melting. He started walking towards his brother. Younger brother also came closer and they hugged each other and start weeping. The family of both brothers also came there and greeted. They got united again. The carpenter was also standing there. He was smiling. The brothers were very thankful and asked him to live with them but the carpenter refused saying he has to built more bridges. This story tells us that we should be the source of peace and friendship instead of hatred. We should remove differences and prevail positivity.