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Cool Mindedness and forgiving Nature of Personality lead one towards Success

This story shows those who are calm and forgiving in nature are more happy and lead successful life. A person came to a country with two things that were identical in appearance. He announced those who will recognize the real diamond would be awarded the diamond and in case could not recognize it then he would have to pay equal amount. The man remained successful in many countries so he was very confident. No one along with king was able to detect the real diamond. The business man was very glad to see that he would be awarded a huge amount by king now. Suddenly an Old man came to the palace and requested the king to give him a chance to chose the real diamond. Please were not ready to give him a chance as he was blind. But when he insisted and claimed that he could do that. He was provided opportunity. He came closer to the diamonds, touched them and picked a diamond saying this is the real one. The business man got surprised and accepted that he chose the right one. The whole gathering requested the old man how he managed to recognize the real diamond. The old man said that all of us here stood in front of sun rays. The real diamond absorbed run rays and remained cooled while fake one reflected . This was the reason of recognition. This tells us that those man who remain coll and calm in different situation and treat other with kindness are just like that diamond. For more details don’t forget to watch above video.