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Story of Friends – Urdu Stories, New Stories 2019 – New Kids Stories

This is a story about three friends. It is a moral and motivational story. Three Friends went to a foreign Country. There they stayed in a hotel of 75 floors high. It is a high rise building. There room was on 75th floor. The administration of hotel told the friends that the rules of this foreign country are different from their local country. The hotel’s lift was cloed at 10 O clock at night. They agreed on this. First day they came back before at 10 AM after the visit of the city but next day they reach at 10:05 AM. The lift was closed and they needed to reach at 75th floor. They got worried. One of the friend said they can reach via Stairs. So they decided to go by stairs. A friend gave an idea which others liked as well. He said we would tell story while going. He said he would tell stories of joys during 25 stairs. He started telling stories of amusement. After 25 stairs, the second friend statrted telling stories of serious kind. when they reached at 50th stairs, the last friend started telling sad stories. Finally they reach in front of the door of their room. Now a friend told the others in extreme grief that he had forget to bring the key. It is in the counter of reception. They felt giddy listening this. They were about to fall down. Listen ! this is not the end of story. This is the story of our life. Our life is approximately of 75 years. We use to pass first 25th in excitement and joys. second 25th in serious affairs like marriage and working. The last 25th years passed in saddness and grief. We spent it in hospital and bed in loneliness. We forget to keep the key of suceess with us during this journey. The key is kindness and good deeds in Life.