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Success stories of great personalities

Success stories of great personalities.It is said hardworking is key to success and nobody can deny it but we can see personalities who work hard and can not achieve as much glory as some achieved this without much toil and hard work. So there are some other factors that are supportive in the success of a person. If we look at the life of great politicians, scholars, business tycoons and professionals, there is one thing that is common. These personalities do social work. They devote a portion of their in the service and better of common people. Before they spent anything for human beings they were unknown and worthless. As soon as they started working for humanity, they got fame, respect and success in their respective fields. Look at the life of Malik Riaz, he lived in a rental house of 5 marla. He was doing labor on roads. He was living life on loads. Even some time he did not have milk for kids. He borrowed a small amount and started a small business. He kept share of poor people on this Business. His business started gaining momentum. Now he is one of the top 5 most rich personalities of the country. His assets are about 3000 crores while the whole country’s budget is of 5000 crore. He is still doing charity work and spent 62 crore in charity. He feeds poor people, run free hospitals, arrange institutions and fees for poor students. The project where he define share of poor become success while others can not gain such a glory. In the same way, Savour food is the renown brand. They also provide ten type food for orphans. Who can not familiar with Imran Khan. He is mot popular sports man and successful politicians. He has billions of fans across the globe. He is spending his life in charity work. He is providing free cure for cancer patient especially for poor children. Maulana Tariq Jameel is also among those who are very popular across the globe. He is a scholar. He is the most influential person of the country. He came to the lime light when he started working for humanity, peace and harmony. Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayans are listen billions of people daily. The other personalities who are following same principle are Bill Gates, Silani Trust, Indus Hospital and JDC. For more details, dont forget to watch above video.