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Tejzgam Train Near Rahim Yar Khan

Railway is helping in country’s economy.It is an essential element of transportation. Millions of people and tons of goods are transported across the country. Tezgam Train station is a historical platform. It is situated near Rahim Yar Khan. People from Karachi to Lahore pass from here. It has many shops and hotels near about it. It is a business hub for small and mid level business enterprises. Thousands of people get their livelihood from here. There are many distinctions for which many trains start their journey from here. There are many facilities that are provided from government. There is a hustle and bustle in the stations. Passengers are boarding off or on while many wait for the trains to stop. The ticketing system is quite better yet there needs to be some improvements. Recently, some measures can be seen for the comfort of passengers by replacing old trains seats with new ones. The security of the passengers is still and area that must be improved. You can see people traveling with gas cylinders on the trains. They Cooke their food and prepare tea with these cylinders. If the administration try to cease these practices which are really very questionable then passenger will not listen and they will start agitation. But The administration should not listen to people and arrange proper measure to make sure the safety of passengers. This station is very historic and helps in the well being of the society. If you live like to know mabout the details of Tezgam Train Hadsa, you can watch it on above video which providing details of the past event in detail for the sake of information and education.