Where is Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah? Hareem Shah got Canadian Citizenship?

Where is Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah? Hareem Shah got Canadian Citizenship? The Tik Tok Star Hareem shah is now on the spotlight. After she revealed some videos with ministers, she is continuously in gossips. Now media outlets have confirmed that she is in Baku city of Azerbaijan. It is stated she is willingly not to return Pakistan as many people are spreading propaganda against her. She has applied for the citizenship of Canada and will soon move there.
Hareem shah uncovered videos of Sheikh Rasheed – the railway minister and video of Punjab’s ministers of Spokesman Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan. She also claimed Sheikh Rasheed is the husband of her sister. The videos clrealy depict that PTI government’s ministers are constantly in touch with her. She had been spotted in the foreign office in a place which is normally no go area for public.
Some accounts on social media are claiming that she has some videos of PM imran khan as well which she is going to reveal soon but Hareem shah has denied such rumors. There is a photo where Hareem shah is sitting on the leg of a man whose face is hidden. The are rumors about this picture that it belongs to some high profile personality.
Hareem shah is very popular on Tik Tok and has a huge following. The mater of videos has gained exceptional fame on media and social media. Some people are demanding resignations of the ministers while some are considering it as personnel life matters.