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Infrative material of history and religion

Success stories of great personalities

Success stories of great personalities.It is said hardworking is key to success and nobody can deny it but we can see personalities who work hard and can not achieve as much glory as some achieved this without much toil and hard work. So there are some other factors that are …

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DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor responds to Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman’s Speech

Maulana Fazal Rehman is an old seasoned politician. He is also a religious scholar. He has major following in KPK, Blochistan, Sindh and Punjab. He is running many religious schools thats why he has a huge following. Although his political following is not up to the march. He has launched …

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Obama Biography, Urdu Stories, Hindi Stories, New Kids Stories, urdu story 2019, hindi story 2019, waqia

This is the biography of Barak Hussain Obama. It is full of exitement, education and entertainment. Obama lived a very hard life in the beggining of his life. His parent got divorce in the childhood. He lived some of his life under the guidence of step father. He was very …

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Unity among brothers impacted on the success of their business

This is the story of two brothers who were living happily in a village. They helped each others in every need of time and share their farming equipment. Their Businesses were flourishing and their income was going up. They had sincerity among each others. Their wives and children were also …

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How to Increase Income

We are going to inform you about the method by which you can increase your income and will become rich . This is a method of getting wealth. This will increase your knowledge , emaan and intellect .

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